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Richard Basile, is invited to speak on the transformative potential of the IJV at the NAS/NAE/IOM sponsored Government University Industry Roundtable (GUIR) on Feb 25, 2014. Included will be our pilot project on use of a securitized debt fund to finance the IJV.
The BARD Foundation announces collaboration with Dr Andrew Lo (MIT Sloan School) to vet the potential of a novel financing structure to revolutionize and reinvigorate investment in innovative therapies.
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The BARD Foundation will present its mission and business model at the European Conference on Rare Disease in Berlin, May 2014.
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BioPontis Alliance

BioPontis Alliance is a firm dedicated to engineering solutions to one of the most critical problems in healthcare today: how to efficiently harvest the great wealth of innovative discoveries in US research laboratories and translate these into effective new treatments.

We have established a multi-channel firm, addressing the financial, intellectual property, scientific and commercial requirements of translational drug and diagnostic development. We have developed a new business model to address the innovation gap problem – the Innovation Joint Venture.

We are applying our Innovation Joint Venture expertise and structuring in three enterprises:

BioPontis Alliance Foundation – founded in September 2013 with a mission to bring a centralized drug discovery IJV to the problem of finding cures for rare diseases – especially in children. The Foundation is utilizing a special funding structure - Invation – a term coined by Generosity of Philadelphia. Traditionally, people think of investments and donation as two different and separate ideas: people invest for financial gain while people donate to charity. “Invation” is a cross between both concepts and is a critical requirement for solving the vexing problem of how to find treatments for thousands of rare diseases.

BioPontis Alliance Consulting offers deep knowledge and hands-on experience in creating collaborative and integrative solutions to help our clients engage in the emerging Innovation Ecosystem. We seek to help all stakeholders to more effectively bridge the Valley of Death; philanthropists, medical disease foundations, academic research institutions, biopharmaceutical companies, or economic development offices in state/regional governments.

BioPontis Alliance Fund I and BioPontis Alliance LLC. BioPontis Alliance Fund I and LLC are the for profit application of our Innovation Joint Venture model. Together they combine early-stage capital investment with early-stage drug development.

BioPontis Alliance, LLC is founded on five essential principles:

  • Create a formal alliance structure that brings together (1) university inventors and their institutional interests with an (2) experienced translational development capability and (3) investors to facilitate asset flow and commercialization.
  • Apply industry science practices to the selection of discovery science to be invested in and to translate them into candidate products.
  • Maximize capital productivity and technical success by using highest level of expertise, accessed from any available source, without limitation of geography or institution; a 'biocloud' of networked experts.
  • Develop new product candidates in a portfolio of projects, rather than independent New Companies in order to focus capital on science rather than company formation.
  • Develop all assets in alignment with the ultimate licensor of pharmaceutical products – pharmaceutical companies – in order to meet market demand